Monday, October 20, 2008

headed back to the west coast!

hey, lovely readers! i'm time shifting again. by the time you read this, i'll be on the 12 hour journey back to the west coast and beautiful, beautiful seattle! (i'll never take you for granted again, seattle. in fact, i'll probably kiss the tarmac at seatac if they'll let me.)

before i let you go though, i simply MUST tell you about the star museum in abingdon, va! it was a breath of fresh air, kids. for real. i felt like i was home when i was there.

here's robert weisfeld, the owner of the museum, posing in front of part of his massive collection (and his wonderful painting). i really enjoyed the tour and, most of all, meeting such a fantastic person!

i didn't have time to do photo correction on most of the images i ended up with but the ones that i have worked on can be viewed here. also, if you'd like a virtual tour of the museum, click here.

if you're in abingdon, make sure to stop by this great little museum! (the collection is rotated periodically.) admission is $10. absolutely go for the tour!

right, time to kiss western va/eastern tn goodbye! see you next decade, appalachia. maybe. if i have enough antidepressants.

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