Wednesday, October 22, 2008

slowly returning back to normal

since i was busy yesterday trying to readjust to pacific daylight time and attempting to get back up to speed with everything else that had been put on hold for a week, i don't have a lot to write about.

which is why i'm going to mention that i was pleasantly surprised by how good of an airline continental is. (if you ever find yourself on one of their smaller commuter planes with brian as your flight attendant, consider yourself *very* lucky. he is *wonderful*! also? THEY SERVE FOOD!)

i'll throw this out there as well. THANK YOU, shuttle express for upgrading me to a private car on monday night! after 12 hours of travel it is simply the greatest thing in the WORLD to be able to arrive home from seatac in less than 20 minutes. i would kiss you if it were possible to kiss a shuttle service.

ANYWAY, for lack of any other photos, here's what i made for suspect and fugitive yesterday.

k, time to prepare for something potentially huge that's happening on friday. i should be readjusted to seattle time by then, right?

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