Wednesday, November 20, 2013

assorted things

decided today that the way to approach the food for the 50th anniversary of "who" is to prepare a tea that mighta, kinda' sorta' been available in 1963. after reading this lovely account, i made a ginger loaf using this recipe.

i think that version is supposed to be similar to what's available at starbucks? idk? i only go to starbucks when there's not a local place available? still, it's tasty and i will be transforming it a bit for saturday.

speaking of transforming, i'll be using this cutter

for an appropriate cookie. (cutter has been previously used to make thug life cookies during last year's "summer of cookies". (my, wasn't that fun. a real fucking humdinger, i'd say. etc, etc, etc)

non food related but still devourable is the lost art of keeping secrets. "breaking hearts in mono." ha!

it reminds me of dodie smith's i capture the castle which is a good thing. it's one of my serious comfort reads, ole dodie's book. it will be nice to add keeping secrets to the pile of things to consume when i want the world to end.

ps-- if leff's cold does not have me going all shallotish (A CURSE HAS COME UPON ME always and forever said like black francis (always sung as "curse", never as "joke. always screaming YOU ARE THE SON OF A MOTHERFUCKER), the transformed cutter cookies should be posted tomorrow.


Irregular Shed said...

Your ginger cake looks pretty perfect to me!

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