Monday, November 18, 2013

holiday baking

let's take a break from all this "who" stuff. i mean, i kinda' need to because i've got just a little over a week for thanksgiving prep.

i know, i know. a lot of you readers are outside of the us and you're probably thinking that we're doing a holiday a little early. (canadians, you probably think we're doing this late.) really, the only reason i "celebrate" thanksgiving  (read:  i don't. i have no sentimental attachment to family holidays) is for the pie and cranberry sauce.

fuck yeah, i like cranberry sauce.

plus i only wear my goofy vintage apron when i'm making thanksgiving food so that's fun. green cats and bees???? whatever, it has a phone pocket. (probably was not originally used to keep mobile nearby though.)

today i made the mini pies. two kinds this year, key lime which turned out nicely

and pumpkin which did NOT. eh, you can't have everything. word to wise, maybe when you are turning these out of a pan, maybe don't be iming at the same time. oops.

here's the trial loaf of a sandwich bread recipe.

obvs, i did not let the dough rise over the top of the pan. don't care, don't care. it tastes good with butter and ham and the next loaf will make a great stuffing.

i feel like i'm forgetting to do something? meh, i'll check my calender. (oh, COME ON if you know me irl, you KNOW that i have ocded the FUCK out of holiday planning. lists, they're what i do.)

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