Saturday, November 23, 2013

scenes from a "doctor who" 50th anniversary party

if you're on pacific time trying to have a doctor who semicentennial party concurrent with gmt festivites, you have to start shit fucking early. it's not even 9:30 am in this photo. we have not had sonic screwdrivers or fifth doctors (complete with celery salt). no, it is just coffee at this point.

coffee and old school doctors.

behold the 60's ish tea nibbles. caramelized pear and ginger mini scones, the chocolate upgraded cookies from earlier this week and the ginger loaf pieces with stenciled maple butter cybermen, tardi and daleks.

not pictured are the mini cheese and onion tarts. those are all gone now, btw. kinda' like yorik's face. not his personality though. that has remained even though he has shuffled off his (plastic) mortal coil.

saturn robot demands that you have a few pictures for atmosphere or face tiny extermination.

anyway, happy doctor who high holiday if it's a thing you do.

i'm just sad that our jelly babies haven't arrived yet.

(all 50th anniversary who stuff viewable in this handy, dandy set.)

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