Saturday, November 16, 2013

doctor whoodles for you to scarf down

i asked leff what he would like to eat in the week leading up to the "doctor who" 50th anniversary. after thinking for a minute, he said "it would be cool if you could make tom baker scarf noodles!" and so i did.

you could make them too if you like. for this you will need a pasta recipe (this is a great one), food dye, a chart for the doctor who scarf colors (this is nice.) and a pasta machine. although i suppose you could roll the dough out with a rolling pin and then cut it using a pizza cutter or knife. (it might be difficult, however.)

make sure that you don't get the dough too wet when adding color bands. this can be rectified by adding a bit more flour to absorb the water. here's my scarf dough before i ran it through the machine.

cutting into little scarves using the machine.

here are the whoodles hanging out next to some regular noodles. don't think that we used specialist material for this. it's just our broom. (we made sure to clean the handle first. ha!)

and the finished whoodles with a bit of olive oil. leff likes to keep his pasta simple.

check back all week for more who stuff. i'm not sure if i'll have something every day (and most days won't be as complicated as the noodles) but it could be fun.


Irregular Shed said...

Properly awesome!

Phil Wilson said...

awesome :)

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