Wednesday, November 13, 2013

it was "curtain"s for us

tonight was the night that we had been dreading ever since the "poirot" series started airing in the early 90s. yes, "curtain".

even though leff and i both knew the story, it was still difficult to watch. poor hastings! POOR POIROT! yes, we both cried. i am not ashamed. i've spent 25 years or so of viewing time (and 31 years worth of reading!) with this character. he's kinda like an old friend who just happens to be inhabited by david suchet.

which, while we're on the topic, how fucking great is it that he made all of the "poirot"s?! THE BEST! leff and i have already started rewatching the series from the beginning again.

anyway, tonight's party, i made some decorations.

good lord! here's a close up of the "little grey cells" banner and the poirot shrine.

everyone got into the poirot spirit, as you can see.

i also made a bunch of fiddly foods to eat, tapenade, baba ganoush, hummus and four kinds of sandwiches. l to right they are, 1) roasted veggie with caramelized onion goat cheese, 2) cucumber sandwiches with irish butter, 3) ham, green apple, dijon, brie and irish butter (fucking LOVE irish butter, heh) and 4) lemon curd with berries on toasted english muffins

we also had a bit of fancy dress thanks to uedeline moutarde



Irregular Shed said...

You are both brilliant ;)

r4kk4 said...

thanks, kid!