Sunday, November 10, 2013

oh, have a new post

i guess i didn't need almost an entire month away from the internet but i will tell you, the days where i shut it down, particularly in regard to social media, were rather nice. (i am not alone in this view. what say we all jump on this bandwagon? think of the peace.)

so what have i been doing this past almost week? oh, you know, hanging around.

i made the four hour baguette recipe. it's good. the bread's even better on the second day.

got the new taschen catalog and found a billion books that i want.

also started prepping for the "curtain" episode of "poirot" this week. christ, it's going to be so sad.

i'll probably post a couple of pictures from "curtain" night. leff and i are gonna' have a small party (of two. why would i want someone from seattle in my home? i need more passive aggression in my living room?) to help us through the end of the series. see you then?

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