Saturday, November 30, 2013

saturday housecleaning

as we finish up the leftovers from thursday (gobbler sandwiches, the reason for the season.) i thought i'd catch up on some things that can't be/weren't photographed. (the crab apple tree could be though so, here's your image break.)

right and ho, first up, capslock fully engaged, WE GOT OUR PLANE TICKETS FOR BERLIN AND AMSTERAM!! feb's big trip time and i am right smack in the middle of planning. we have not finished purchasing transportation tickets, however as HAHAH WE ARE ALSO GOING TO CHICAGO AND PRAGUE PRAGUE PRAGUEEEEEEEEE i am all PRAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA because I have been wanting to go there ever since i saw this video.

go ahead, laugh. but i know where to find rabbi loew's grave as well as david cerny's sculptures and etc, etc all of which i will photograph for you (i can feel your excitement.) after i have gotten fucking tanked on x-beer 33. (because, COME ON, it's, like, a prereq.)

also, CHICAGOOOOOO which was a former sort of stomping ground for me in the 90's. don't ask me about it though, i was pretty drunk most of the time. (although i do remember the henry darger exhibit at the cultural center. baller, that was. (but don't really ask me about that beer garden or bleeding feet or the pub etc, etc, etc it is blurry.))

also, also RHYS WILL BE BACK IN THE TACKY IN A FEW MONTHS which, lame for him, but great for me because i miss him.

what else, what else, oh yes! kim dropped by last night. it is always nice to see kim. she didn't drink an entire one of my "anxiety specials" (1 limonata, 1 diet lemon lime soda, six dashes of bitters, as much vodka as you need over ice) but she did think it was tasty (as its name implies, it fucking takes the edge off. try it. use a straw for maximum anxiety relief!)

erm, DO READ the golem and the jinni! i might get around to those new leaked salinger stories in a bit. necessary errors is next though (obvs). also i'm in the middle of the moonstone (so good) and am going to have another crack at the luminaries. word to the wise on that one, don't stop reading it once you start or you will lose the threads.

so, yes, back to the thumping huge books that i'm reading and the three languages (german, czech, dutch) i am trying to cram. see you soonish.

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