Friday, August 29, 2014

dark and dreary labor day weekend

the oppressive grey fug is back. i am planning on spending a substantial portion of the long holiday weekend here

reading many, many books.

speaking of books, holy hell, why was i not aware that outlander is basically torture porn?! D: eegads.

finished the new caitlin moran and, well, i am sadly wishing she would expand beyond wolverhampton. i mean, the book is fine but i've read how to be a woman, moranthology and have seen "raised by wolves".  it's familiar territory to me by now. i'd love to read more about moran's london or about her adult life.

roxane gay's bad feminist is so, so sooo good. i'm only allowing myself one essay a night to make it last longer. sometimes i read it while eating avocado toast.

tv? god, that new "doctor who" was shit, wasn't it? peter capaldi though. absolutely great with the crap he was given to work with. someone make a video of only the capaldi parts please? because i hate everything moffat gets his hands on.

i will not comment on bingate.

enjoy the long weekend if you're in the states! otherwise, enjoy a regular one.

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