Sunday, August 17, 2014

outlander, colorless tsukuru tazaki and almost time for pcap who

will probably not be around much this week but thought i'd give you a quick post to say, yes, do watch "outlander".

i have no idea why this has captured my imagination. it is almost everything that i can't stand in one tidy bundle but i am loving the hell out of the show and the book. go figure and then go watch it. 
as promised, a quick review of the new murakami book. like everyone is saying, it is one of his more accessible books. and, yes, it's pretty good, definitely readable but, jesus, one does grow ever so tired of passages about ejaculate, you know? (that part almost felt like a carry over from 1q84.)

still! the new series of "doctor who" starts on saturday. and while i am not the "doctor who" fan at the casa (i am a fan of the fans as i have stated many times) i adore peter capaldi. there is much eager anticipation of this show, let me tell you. 

and that is all for now. fuckity bye!

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