Tuesday, August 05, 2014

rakka and leff visit proper british bacon in port orchard and almost cry it is so great

britain, britain, britain. you're hoarding the pimm's, fine, ok. but i can still get some of your tasty, tasty bacon courtesy of proper british bacon. oh my sweet potatoes, guys, this place is great!!

it's family owned! all of the animals used for the meat products were locally raised, free ranging beasts. it is delicious stuff. just LOOK at these rashers waiting to be taken home.

in addition to bangers, puddings (black and white varietals), premade pies (pork, steak and kidney, steak and mushroom) premade sausage rolls, etc, etc, etc there's also a nice little selection of commonwealth products. marmite

AND vegemite.

i will never understand either of these things. yes, thanks for trying, all past australian, canadian and british roomies and friends. it's just not gonna' ever be my cup of tea. (hmm, tea...)

anyway, this is everything that we bought. pickle, clotted cream, polo mints, heinz baked beans, daddy's sauce, hobnobs, some of the aforementioned steak and mushroom pies, pork pies, bangers and sausage rolls. AND ALSO scotch eggs AND A POUND OF PROPER BRITISH BACON OF COURSE!

 smoked version, naturally.

we had a full english for lunch (photos in a later post). and, man, we are SO going to take advantage of their delivery service. brits and aussies in the region apparently already know of this wonderful place. i am SO GLAD to be in the know now too!

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