Wednesday, August 06, 2014

a day of many ports

today was the day that leff and i had set aside for a lengthy road trip. originally, we had considered mount st helens. but, ugh, i-5, no thanks. then we changed itineraries and started planning for the hoh rainforest and ruby beach before finally realizing that 8 hours of driving in one day was going to be too much. 

you see, we are burned. out. this vacation could not be the long haul it normally is.

so we settled for a three hour roundtrip in the hood canal, port townsend-ish area. less than four hours of driving is always doable. (in the states, i hasten to add. i know, europeeps, i know. don't cry. driving for that long is not really a big deal here. the country is a continent wide, after all. *pats your hand gently*)

funny thing though, we took the wrong turn at albuquerque  the hood canal bridge. that is how we found ourselves in port gamble.

this place is...quaint. i don't know, it made me crabby

even though there was a weird little donation only museum full of sea stuff above the general store. it reminded me of that disney gated community which just made me itchy, as you can see from what i wrote below.

i guess i am just not going to go gentle into that good night. or i simply refuse to become a weekend antiques shopping, apple picking, gracious, best life living lame-o. i mean, you can be into that, fine, no judgement but, god, just shove me off a bridge if my life ever comes to that.

anyway, after buying some shitty beef jerky at a gas station and checking the map, we found our way to port townsend. i had been there before, leff had not. there was a pug sticker near the fucknad who stared at us while leff was parallel parking. i can not even begin to understand what that was about.

first things first though. lunch. lunch at nifty fifty's. we sat outside to avoid the babies. (this place is very family friendly. i am not really. hahahaha haaaa!)

god, i had forgotten how quaint that downton port townsend is. i mean, the views, still great but, MAN. i don't care. i don't care. i don't care. (lunch was good though. can recommend the above place.)

then we got lost again but it was fine since we saw three deer in the suburb we were driving through.

and this bizarre hall of justice or something. (it's probably the court house. all i know for sure is that there is a clock tower that has an actual chiming clock and that we were there at 2pm and i was not expecting the loud prerecorded bells so i screamed and jumped. leff laughed.)

but onward! or, technically, backward, as we left port townsend proper

for fort warden state park. that is actually where these tags are from.

see, there's some abandoned concrete military...something...near the beach that looked like the perfect place to get serial killed.

there were lots of kids hiding inside screaming and trying to scare each other. i took a picture of these trees through my sunglasses.

the beach is very nearby. leff had seen it while he was scrambling around the concrete hulk. beaches are always nice.

even when there are hipsters on them. (it helps if the hipsters are very. far. away.)

there was a lighthouse near where we were sitting when this photo was taken but i just couldn't be arsed because some numbnut was dipping his chihuahua in the waves. god, whatever. small dogs and the sea. fucking whatever.

BUT DON'T FRET we actually did something really great! on the way back to the hood canal bridge, we stopped by the kelly art deco light museum! (not being facetious. leff and i both adore deco things and tiny, free museums.)

go to this if you are in the area. the store below is also worth a look. this painting will probably be gone by then though as it will more than likely TAKE TO THE SEA in the near future.


we had one last stop before heading home and that was the chimacum cafe.

i just happened to read an article on the seattle times site  that mentioned this place's wild blackberry pie. i am SO GLAD that i did!

when i mentioned the article to the waitress she mused "so THAT'S why i've sold so much wild blackberry pie today!" heh

did i say one last stop? i meant two. we had two last places to stop. the chimacum cafe and....

wait for it....


tomorrow we return the rental car and our life will get back to somewhat normal. promise i will not pick any apples.

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