Friday, August 01, 2014

junk food and a new book

somehow august has arrived. and while this has been the most tedious, irritating year of my life to date (please note, once things i have been waiting on occur, it will more than likely be the most amazing, incredible year but the not knowing is slowly killing me.) parts of it have flown by. eh, august is reason enough for a microwave s'more.

so gross.

leff and i are on vacation next week. we aren't going anywhere as great as prague but we do have a car reserved. a car!!! (we haven't owned a car since 2006 by choice. neither of us makes a big deal about it because we aren't sanctimonious pacific northwest pricks.)

got a copy of gods, graves and scholars yesterday.

glew, if you're reading, i know it's a layman's history of archaeology.  also, what's that joke? archaeologists work with flakes and tools? hahaha ha ahhhhh :/ 

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