Monday, August 04, 2014

what is this driving and shopping at stores D:

leff and i got our car from enterprise today. they picked us up!  (ha, remind me to tell you the story about the meth head who tried to cage a ride from our driver in our driveway some time. god, this fucking state.)

anyway, today was errand day. best to get the worst out of the way, yeah? so we went to target. i used to like target? but now it just makes my head hurt. leff got sunglasses though!

they have threadless greeting cards now?

look, i know, times are hard. but i don't understand this OR the threadless beer that i saw in chicago. whatever, i have more pressing issues than the product diversification of threadless. things like, idk, BEVMO!

FUCK YES BEVMO! it's like the liquor warehouses i used to go to in college ONLY BETTER because i can afford some of the nice stuff now. we didn't get any london pride

but we DID bring back some french brandy, czech cordial and british navy strength gin.

we're all about the imports, baby. also, thanks check out guy for reminding us to get a bevmo! card so we could save $10. woooo!

hold up before you ask. I KNOW NO PIMM'S they were out. there's been a disruption in the supply line from the uk. i'm so sad because i won't have a car next week when it's back in stock. someone bring me some pimm's? please? i will hug you and maybe i will share the pimm's with you too but don't bet on it.

anyway, we also went to (not pictured) trader joe's.  i'll say it. i fucking hate trader joe's now. the piped in music sucks and the snacks are only ever 2/3 as good as you think they're going to be. let's never go back there (except for chili lime cashews  (ugh no! these now taste the way murphy's oil soap smells bleah!) and cheap wasabi peas).

let's totally go back to dairy queen though.

ha! i know! we didn't get ice cream! i had planned on a dipped soft serve cone but no. that food was more than enough.

fun thing i'd forgotten! normal people talk about hysterectomies and kid's parties and shit irl and not s-1 filings, m&a and seo. HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHhahaha ha haaaaaaa :/

tomorrow we'll do something more exciting. "exciting". haaaaaaaaaa.  

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