Tuesday, August 05, 2014

elandan gardens is fantastic

elandan gardens is one of those secrets things in bremerton. "secret".  i mean, people know about it. people also talk about getting around to seeing it one day. if you're one of those latter people, go already! you won't believe what you'll see! 

elandan was founded in 1993 by dan robinson who, we were told, created the national bonsai tree in dc. the man knows his bonsai, as you will see shortly. he also turned a landfill into something amazing.

the gardens are reached through the gift shop. it's full of an assortment of artfully arranged things.

i thought about buying an old leather camera case but we're moving soon. so, ixnay on the uyingbay.

the bonsai are intensely beautiful and OLD! a few of the trees were alive when notre dame was being built! !!! !!! !!!!

i'm still getting over that, actually.

elandan is overwhelming in the best way possible. leff and i both took so many pictures that our camera batteries were hot. just, do yourself a major favor if you are in the seattle area and head to this gem of a garden. (admission fee was $8 per person at time of writing.)

oh yes, speaking of leff and pictures, check out his recap as well! he had the good camera, as you can see from the picture below, and took some really nice photos.

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