Friday, May 20, 2005

aaaaaaaw, geek out!

here's the "episode iii" review---it was okay. you should watch clone wars before going. (i had to explain a lot to a friend of mine that hadn't watched it.)

things i liked-- lord grievous, ewan mcgregor and the birth of vader. and by that i mean, the actual donning of the helmet birth of vader. (the vader backstory was a bit impotent for my tastes. not enough suffering to justify his becoming such an evil baddie.)

things i disliked-- the dialogue ("so this is how democracy dies--to thunderous applause."), that stupid monster that obi wan rides while he's chasing grievous and seeing jar jar binks twice.

and that's as in depth as i'm gonna' get because i really don't feel like flying the geek flag today. besides, if you like "star wars" you're already gonna' see it.

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