Monday, May 09, 2005


what a difference a few days will make!

i've just received news that one of my bestest friends has broken up with the s.o. (understood b) that was making her life miserable!! is it legal to be this happy for another person?!? (welcome back, super slug! we're all very, very ecstatic for you!! cupcakes are on the way!!)

also, strange and wonderful things are afoot in memphis. i can't disclose details at the moment, let's just saaaaaay everything feels like it's in fast forward without that annoying chipmunk-y sound. or the out of control feeling. or those unsightly lines in the middle of the screen.

icing on the cake? the new "star wars" movie is supposed to rock. happy birthday to me!


emdot said...

when is your birthday? *** HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAKKA! ***

r4kk4 said...

may 25th.


when's yours, m?

emdot said...

not til september. ;) i love may -- great month. and i love the number five. so, 5/25/5 ???? ohmigod. do you see? 5 goes into 25 5 times? too much. i'm getting dizzy with number giddiness.

r4kk4 said...

i could be your lucky star! LAUGHING!!

(i was laughing at my lame madonna reference, btw! ;D!)