Wednesday, May 11, 2005

links, fill up your hearts! (so you can use your sword of power)

yeah, that was an awful title, i know. but leff's in the middle of windwaker so i've got the other kind of linkage on the brain. ahem, anyway....

falling flatly into "wtf?!" territory is this little *cough* "gem" *cough* of misdirected marketing. (found via metafilter)

also "wtf", but even more "why hasn't this been done to original dr. pepper yet?!?!" is diet coke with splenda. i got a 20 oz bottle of it last night due to oncoming caffeine headache and the "low, low, introductory price of 50 cents". it tastes like regular coke. well, as i remember regular coke tasting...which kind of sucks since i don't like regular coke. but there we are.

but the coolest thing of all is an interview with keita takahashi, the creator of "katamari damacy"!!! (found via boing boing. the english translation is a bit awkward at times, but i think the lady was translating on the fly, from japanese to english, and, well, holy crap! i couldn't do that! i have a hard enough time translating american southern english into american northeastern english for leff!)

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