Wednesday, May 18, 2005

packagecentric day!

wow! today has revolved around packages!

first thing this morning, leff received a shipment of memory for his computer. then, about an hour or so later, his package containing xp pro showed up.

thirty minutes after that, fred flare called (well, ok, not fred flare, but someone that works there). there's been a mixup with packages. someone else got my pink jackie o sunglasses and book about cupcakes. i've yet to even see their package which i need to refuse so it can get sent back to fred flare, but that's memphis delivery all over again.

and, here's the best part, i got a package from the wonderful singasong!!! (she'd told me that she was going to send me a postcard and she sent me so many wonderful things instead! pretty sneaky!! haha!! hey, go ahead, check it out.)


do you see that in the background?!? it's a RAKKA SHIRT!!!! sas made me a shirt!!! i am so beyond speechless with joy that i can't even describe it!

and as if that weren't enough, she also included some tv mix gummie candy AND a hello kitty stationary set AND a lovely handmade card!

i have no idea what in the world i've done to deserve such lovely and thoughtful gifts!!

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