Sunday, May 15, 2005

root down

i love onions. that's a weird thing to write, but it's true.

they're tasty in all varieties but my favorites by far are vidalias. and, guess what! it's vidalia season! w00t! er, i mean, r00t!

ok, that's enough about onions. (i had to open with it so i could justify using that beastie boys song title.)

things have finally cooled down in memphis. we've had a mini heat wave with temps in the 90's (30's in celsius). i know it's supposed to be warm since i live so far down south, but, come on, not this early in the year! thankfully, today it's a more sensible 72 (22 c) so i'm able to open the windows and turn off the ac.

one week left until the bday party! fingers crossed that the cakesperiment works out as planned!

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