Wednesday, July 25, 2007

a bit of nothing

since monday, i've just been puttering and working. in other words, i didn't really leave the 15 block radius around my apt.

still, it's cherry season and that's cause for gorging on fruit.

i'm terrible. leff never knows that i buy cherries since i eat them all before he ever sees them in the fridge. oops.

we (me and leff, not the royal kind) did realize that we need to get out of the city soon. i know you're thinking "no wai!"

but, um, ya wai. we're thinking about olympic national park because of the rain forest. have any of you readers ever been there? and if so, do you have recommendations for lodgings nearby, etc? (thanks in advance if so!)

here's a photo of a fountain that serves no function except to transition to the next part of this post.

*whew* now that we have that awkward segue over, i can type about crafty stuff. like this new embroidery.

what will it be when it's finished? i'll post a photo in, hopefully, less than a week.

also there's this rough little owl and word balloon.

that's part of something that i might be able to upload a finished photo of sooner.

so with that, i'll get back to work. matthew porter is discussing his kid's book tonight at the ballard branch spl and i'd like to have finished something before i go.


fidget said...

A few years back my parents and I drove all around there. We stopped at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort. The price wasn't bad (considering), but the hot springs were a joke. Instead of normal hot springs that are little pools formed in the rocks (like you'd expect), they had built concrete pools and pumped in the hot springs water into the pools. Now, when you go to a hot springs, you are in a natural pool, and you don't necessarily notice what the water looks like (because the bottom is usually dark and you expect there to be a certain amount of dirt. But when you go to a white concrete pool with hot spring water, it's pretty damn disgusting. You can clearly see all the disgusting things floating in the water, many looking lake large pieces of skin (were people shedding their sun burn?). The sulfur smell was suffocating, and the experience was all together unpleasant. On the other had, we had a lovely time at the restaurant. Not because their gourmet food was any better than anyone else’s, but because our water was just coming out of the closet, just started working there last week, and had never waited before. He committed all the waiter faux pas, which from him was just adorable because he was this nervous little thing just learning it was ok to be a bit flaming. Being as this was I believe three years ago (maybe it was four), I doubt you'll encounter a similar experience.

Otherwise, the rain forest was beautiful, and we had some very nice hikes through it.

You can camp, or there are plenty of little places along the way to rent a room.

r4kk4 said...

it sounds like a lot of fun! i'll try not to flame out on a waiter. hahah!!

i think we'll be camping one night ad staying in a lodge type place another. thanks!!