Friday, July 13, 2007

diorama mama

"what's new in omletteville?" you might ask if that snl skit had been making you laugh for the past, oh, ten years or so.

anyway, most of the past few days i spent just crashing out a la clouseau.

but today i got my butt in gear and pulsed some basil in the blender.

why? i needed something that looked like moss for my pf flyers diorama, silly.

the bun, its scarf and the carrot are all polymer clay. the fire is nothing but leds and part of a cotton swab. everything else is what it looks like. here's a closeup.

aw, innit cute?

speaking of cute, i saw a show on animal planet about sitka deer.

isn't it adorable?!? (that's jewlie, btw.)

ok, i've got to get started on my harry potter weekend. tonight is harry and the potters at spl. then saturday is the imax dealie with d and the hp meetup group that i don't belong to. should be lots of fun!

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