Monday, July 16, 2007

more kwik e mart, harry potter 5

was i right about last week being exhausting? oh yes. am i expecting the same thing from this week as well? yes. do not want.

anyway, friday i didn't do the harry and the potters show at spl. i looked at leff, he looked at me and we watched "arrested development" instead.

saturday, however, went as planned. we met up with d and j at pacsci for harry potter in 3d. but since we'd gotten there an hour early, we ran to the qwik e mart before we got in line.

check out the trendy imax glasses that we got to use for the movie.

awwww yeah. that's smokin' hot.

hp 5? not bad. pretty much just a highlight reel of the book but that's fine. for the record, the 3d section was just as goofy as i'd imagined it was going to be.

the rest of saturday and a large chunk of sunday were devoted to consuming a place of execution. i took a short breather for lunch after a and leff got back from seeing "transformers", but that was pretty much it.

seriously, me and the book. that was the majority of my weekend.

okay. once again it's time for me to begin another loooong and exhausting week. see you wednesday.

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