Wednesday, July 18, 2007

THANK YOU, CHOTDA!, fun with cat toys

thanks to chotda, i now have the most awesome harry potter confections to eat while i'm consuming the new hp book on saturday! but don't go looking for them in the continental u.s. (or hawaii or alaska either). nope. her awesome friend veronica sells them at her bakery in guam. seriously, check out the mandrake root cake that she made! INCREDIBLE!!

i want to start a cup and saucer/veronica fan club!

anyway, look at the scabber's fingers!!

eeeew!!! so gross!! so cool!!

here's the lovely hp cookie with golden snitch!!

also, trevor, crookshanks and hedwig!!

and some blood on a stick for good measure! although i hope i'm not eating it when hermoine?? ginny?? ron?? harry?? snape!?! (please not snape!) dies. that would suck. er, kinda like a sucker. *ba doom ching!*

also in the most awesome of awesome packages were two kick ass game shirts!!

and some hk pineapple marshmallows!!

AAAAAAH!!! such an incredible, wonderful surprise! thanks again SOOOOO much, chotda!! i triple heart you!!

and now for fun with cat toys. not nearly as exciting as the above items, but, um....yeah. what was i typing about? it got distracted by the scabber's fingers.

anyway, here's some sunlight on fuji's pink ball

and omg!! it's a cat toy rat king!

it just appeared like that!


it did....


*ahem* since my fingers are starting to feel tingly and dead again, it's time for me to get off the computer.

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