Wednesday, July 04, 2007

my 1000th post

how has one person written so much about so little? in other words, happy 1000th post to me!

it's a very good thing that i agree with this button's sentiment

since i've been holed up inside unable to move unless i scuttled about like a 90 year old woman with horrible osteoporosis. in the past few days i've finished stephen king's cell, girl at sea by maureen johnson (who, some of you may recall, i love) a scrapped princess book (i'm also burning my way through the series. that and "arrested development".) and most of kelley armstrong's broken. (i'll admit to loving kelley armstrong as well. she's pulpy and fun.)

so, yeah. tv and books. what's new?

i need to mention this lovely painting that enamor sent me for photographing her papercraft owls. (pattern here)

isn't it awesome?!? thanks, enamor!!

and i forgot to mention the origami that the guy who works the ticket booth at the monorail gave me on saturday! here's the crane.

but he gave me a whole menagerie of animals. how cool is that?!

today i'm definitely doing the kwik-e-mart thing. leff says that there are squishie cups available in ballard (although the store is a plain 7-11) if we can't get one at the denny conversion.

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