Monday, July 23, 2007

the deathly hallows

i'm happy to say that the release of the seventh harry potter book happened on one of the crappiest weekends of the year so far in seattle. unlike pants who had nice weather, leff and i were reading while sheltering from torrential downpours. perfect weather for this sort of thing. esp if you enjoy feeling as if you were reading inside of an aquarium.

anyway, i'll try to write about the book in question

(yes, that one) without spoiling anything for those of you who haven't finished it yet. but just in case, POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD! STOP READING NOW!

the head count, while upsetting (esp death number two! (starts with "h") argh! i wasn't expecting that one!!) wasn't horribly painful until chapter 33.

freakin' hell! chapter 33 is still with me and it feels like a knife turning in the gut. to find out exactly how much my favorite character had suffered/sacrificed/etc was just miserable and fantastic at the same time. i reread the first harry potter book yesterday and, guess what? the last thing this character does in their life is also the first thing that they had done when they first met harry. argh!! the exquisite misery of it all!

okok, so i'll END MY SPOILER ALERT NOW!! yes, it's really safe to read again.

i think that deathly hallows is my favorite book of the series. for me, it was exactly what it needed to be.

that being said, i'm *really* glad that we preordered it. check out the waiting list at spl!

if you want to talk potter, i'd love to in comments. so, again, for anyone who hasn't finished yet (i'm looking at you, pip!) POSSIBLE SPOILERS IN COMMENTS if anyone decides to join me there.


Groc said...

- I'm visiting K so i've not got access to the first book. was it 'look me in the eyes boy' -something like that.

r4kk4 said...

that's exactly it! *bawling*

although, he didn't say anything to harry 'cause he was at the teacher's table in the grand hall.

it was something like "harry turned in his seat and noticed a bat like teacher staring directly into his eyes."

(please note, not a direct quote.)

ah, god!! all of that misery over lilly! plus living the life of a double agent with no friends. aaaaah!! daggers! daggers to the heart!

Lisa B. said...

The first thing I did when I finished the book was go back and re-read chapter 33 (and then of course I couldn't stop so I read right through to the end again). I just knew that there was more poignancy and pain to his back story than we could imagine. And the thought of the one he loved AND his worst enemy being embodied in one person ... just to imaging it practically makes me cry.

I know Jo has sworn she's not writing prequels or sequels or anything, but damn, what a good book that story would make!

I knew before that Jo was a Jane Austen fan, and "The Prince's Tale" really reminded me of that.

r4kk4 said...

i agree!! snape deserves another book!! or at least a mini series!

you're so right about the jane austen influences in that chapter!

you know what else makes me tear up? when i remember harry asking sirius if it hurts to die.

and the whole death scene reminded me of when aslan sacrificed himself in "lion, witch, wardrobe". which compounds it for me because that whole aslan scene has been making me teary since i was tiny.

and i'm not usually a weepy person. i swear! hahaha!

Phil Wilson said...

have finished now and it was soo good! Neville is a total hero!

r4kk4 said...


i heart neville. we should start a fan club for him. ;D

i still wish he could've at least jinxed bellatrix though.