Monday, July 09, 2007

tivoli/viking days = trolls and a long walk for pancakes

have you heard that there's some movie about some kid named harry potter coming out this week?

sunday morning i woke up with one word looping through my brain--"pancakes". specifically swedish pancakes. (although that's two words.) you know the kind right? the ones with lingonberries that you can eat near some trolls?

so it was with high high hopes of even higher stacks that we made our way to tivoli/viking days at the nordic heritage museum. they have a huge pancake breakfast, you see.

unfortunately, it's a cash only event (which we should've realized) and, uhm, neither of us carries cash. like, ever.

since it would've been logistically improbable for us to make it to a cash machine and back by the time the pancake breakfast was over, i made an executive decision to head for the original pancake house. on the way, we saw two golden deer.

we also met two cats that, honestly, had to have been from the same litter even though they lived many blocks apart.

so, yes. the original pancake house

is amazing! i got my swedish pancakes which were delicious!

and when we left, there was an oily kind of rainbow in the sky.

next time i'm getting a dutch baby and maybe some aurora borealis.

for now, however, i have to begin what i'm sure will be one really, really long week.

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