Monday, June 30, 2008

conchords weekend, target

this past weekend was rather swelter-ish. yet somehow, despite the heat and the general lack of ac around town, leff and i were pretty busy. (well, except for sunday when all we did was try to sleep.)

c, m and the twins came over for dinner on saturday. it was great seeing them all again but i have no pictures so i'm left to wonder...did it really happen?? ???

yes. it did.

it was also a conchords weekend for some reason. i made a flight of the concord grape juice shirt for s&f

and knocked out a boom king embroidery for leff since he booms the boom.

remember what i said about sunday? ok, well, we did go to target first for a large fan and some other stuff that we've been needing for a while. here are some possessed shopping carts in the parking garage.

did i say garage? i meant to say "car hole".

this week is when i switch into overdrive to try and finish the apt (i KNOW, why isn't it done yet?!?) because of a plethora of guests in august. i'll try not to bore you with fabric swatches and the like.


joey said...

That is one mother uckin good lookin FotC shirt!

r4kk4 said...


it was uckin' with my shiii

joey said...

i hate when mother uckers uck with my shii!