Wednesday, October 15, 2008

so i'm in va

hey, chitterlings! i made it to rural va just fine but i'm a bit jet lagged (which makes me crazy. i mean, it's stupid. i'm still in the continental u.s. and it's only a 3 hour difference! grrr!) and *extremely* exhausted since i'm pulling days that start at 4 am pacific time and end at 1 am pacific time (when i normally conk out).

also, there are MANY old ladies who talk to me about...something. i don't know, i've been zoning them out. but they *do* natter on so and invade my personal space at the same time. if i were in seattle, i'd probably punch them. or at least yell "STOP TOUCHING ME!!##!@!#"

ANYway, this is kind of a long way of saying that i'm too tired to really write up a coherent blog post (i'm sure you've noticed). i do have a lot of photos that i'll upload here sometime soon but if you can't wait to see my hillbilly heritage, you can check out the flickr set.

k, it's time for lunch. AT 8:30 IN THE MORNING#@! *weeping*


Lisa B. said...

BTW, I totally know where Pound, VA is ;-) (I use to live in East Tennessee, after all.)

r4kk4 said...

you poor thing. i'm sorry that you know where pound is. ;D