Saturday, January 01, 2005

book end

as promised, here's the final tally of the great bookoff of 2004.

somehow i managed to finish two more books in the last two days to bring the grand total up to 134.

those last two being, for those who are interested,speedy death by gladys mitchell (if groc is reading this, let me tell you, the mrs. bradley in the book ain't no diana rigg!) and sharing good times by president jimmy carter.

shut up. i'd read jimmy carter's grocery list. i idolize that man!

anyway, happy new year, blahblahblah.

i have to get started on my 150 books project for 2005. and it looks promising! i'm already 39 pages into asleep by banana yoshimoto!


calvo said...

I don't think you're really allowed to count hop on pop, or one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish in your 2005 quota, though.

r4kk4 said...

hey, calvo! hey, calvo!


i was thinking about putting the whole list somewhere where i could link to it, but then i thought "nah, that's too dull".

maybe i'll do it anyway...

Nyx said...

yeah, but you're not allowed to count any books you started reading in 2004 - thems the rules, even though I'm not going to even try to compete with you, because I'd end up a broken humiliated shell of a woman (ie a man, ha). I like the allconsuming list thingy though, I joined up - mostly for my own memeory retention (bring on the gingko, I can't even remember what day it is anymore!)

r4kk4 said...

i didn't count any that i read in 2004. unless you mean, like, two chapers or something and then, yeah, i've got about two in my currently reading list.

i'm glad that you signed up for all consuming! doesn't it rock? leff's good at finding those types of things! thanks, leff!

if you had as much downtime as i do, nyx, i'd be the crushed shell of a woman (er, man? haha!). i just read fast and have a lot of time on my hands.