Sunday, January 02, 2005

we're movin' on

all right, there's been a change in moving plans. again.

remember how i've been planning on moving to canada? well, it's not happening fast enough. and i'm not going to be able to handle living in memphis for as long as it takes me to save up money for application fees, moving expenses, etc in order to get to vancouver or toronto. because i hate memphis with a red hot passion.

so leff and i, after much discussion, have decided to make a short term move to the west coast where, hopefully, we'll be able to make more money faster and thus be able to get to the land up north. and then maybe england. and then possibly japan.

but i'm getting ahead of myself! laughing!!

i'll keep you posted as warrented. just, you know, wish us luck. please.


Aine said...

Holy wow! That is verrrrry cool. Where on the coast are you aiming? It's a pretty big area. If we didn't love Madison so much, we'd be doing the same thing.

I wanna go to Japan! Hey, maybe we'll visit you when you get there.

r4kk4 said...

we're thinking about seattle. because there are lots of people (crafty, geeky, veggie, etc) like us there AND it's only about 200 miles from vancouver.

which means that we wouldn't have far to move once we get all of the immigration stuff out of the way.

you and the family should DEFINATELY stop by when we get settled! we'd love to have you!

r4kk4 said...

oh, also, if we ever get to japan, you'll be more than welcome to visiit us there as well!

Anonymous said...

west coast rocks rakka & leff!
if you folks drive out stop by california and visit slo can stay w/ me!

r4kk4 said...

cool! thanks, slogrl! :D! that would be great! we might actually take you up on that offer! (but we'd give you PLENTY of warning first! :D!)