Monday, January 17, 2005

leff is a thinkin' man!

brains are weird things.

here's an example. yesterday, i put a chicago bears helmet on a jar of peanut butter. (don't ask.) this simple act made me subconsciously think of chicago. which made me think about dr. fusbender, who is, in fact, from chicago.

dr. fusbender used to say "cocksmoke". as in "heeeey there, cocksmoke!"

okok, here's the payoff. my putting a bears helmet on some peanut butter resulted in my saying "heeey there, cocksmoke!", a phrase that i haven't uttered in about oooooh, a year or so, to some moronic memphis driver that almost cut leff off in traffic. (it took approximately ten minutes for the phrase to filter through my grey cells.)

but the funny thing is that leff just looked at me after i'd said it, paused, nodded and said "chicago bears helmet."

you gotta' love someone that can understand how your brain works! *grins!*

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