Friday, January 07, 2005

frank lloyd is soo, soo wright

i really, really, really want to go to the price tower arts center!!

i want to see this place so much that i would travel to bartlesville, oklahoma where it's located. yeah, the tower's all they've got, but i don't care because it's awesemo!

oh, i also like this pin even though it has nothing to do with bartlesville, oklahoma or frank lloyd wright.


Brian W. said...

okay, i admit it...i'm stalking your blog today.

we're going to drawing and stuff the price tower at the museum in couple of week--kind of continuation of the flw exhibit we have right now. i'm about three hours from bartlesville and my parent are pretty close to there--i've seen the outside, but never the inside. i want to now that they have the hotel, restaurant, etc.

oh, and i love fred flare as well. tres swanky.

r4kk4 said...

no problem with stalking! laughing! i know that flickr's down! (heh heh!)

i am *sooo jealous!* that you're going to the price tower! you simply MUST take photos! please?

(and, yes, happiness is a package from fred flare! i LOVE thme so much!)

Brian W. said...

okay, i'm looking at my previous post and thinking that i shouldn't have started drinking first thing when i got up this morning. :) or maybe, i should just do a little proofreading? hmmm.

yes, bored. went to target. went to the library. got some great stuff in the booksale room!

flickr? where are you?

also, i'm making a veggie roast and am documenting the process for you!

r4kk4 said...

heh heh! drinking early is good for you! don't listen to what "the experts" say! laughing!

you know, i didn't do even half of what i said i was going to do. oh wel...

oh! what did you get in the booksale room?

and veggie roast?!??!? homemade?!??! WOW!!

damn it, flickr! come back!

(it should be back within an hour or so...sigh...)

Brian W. said...

I know, I know....slow day.

Yes, homemade veggie roast--it just has about 20 more minutes left in the oven and it smells GOO-OOD.

Let's see, I got a 1975 edition of the BH&G Decorating Book (I have the 1953, and the '75 is much funkier); 1963 Esquire Magazine Party Book; Betty Pepis Interior Decorating A to Z; and this truly bizare book called Point of Purchase Design: The Graphics of Merchandise Display from 1985 that is just filled with photos of different displays. Very strange...there is one for Atari Home Computers! I'll post some scans once we're back up....

r4kk4 said...

i can't wait to see all of those, brian!

such great books! such good food!

can leff and i just move to your house? laughing!

Brian W. said...

I can't WAIT to post them. I got about six done and now it won't let me...they're working on it, they're working on it. Meanwhile, I've got the shakes!

Well, you and Leff should just stop on by on your way to Price Tower and I'll cook you up a big veggie roast, all the fixins, and buttermilk biscuits perfected by southern women four generation ago!

I'm so bored! Off for MLK and just doing laundry, dishes, messing with my blog. I added a blogroller thing which I saw on yours and think is awesome, but now my alignments are all out o' whack. Oh well, it doesn't look terrible, just ackward.

r4kk4 said...

but it's back now! hooray! we can all get our fix! laughing!

oh! that sounds fantastic! leff and i will probably take you up on that offer if we ever get out your way! (likewise, if you're ever in memphis...)

r4kk4 said...

oh! blogrolling is a little weird sometimes.

and a lot of times it takes forever to load.

and i'm still missing, like, a billion other people's sites.

and i really need to add them, but it's going to take forever...

ah, blogrolling stresses me out sometimes...