Thursday, January 06, 2005


sometimes i could swear that i was out sick from the most important days in elementary school. you know, like on the days when they taught us how to tell time? (i still have problems with analog clocks.) and maybe how to tell your left hand from your right without looking to see where your freckle is? (freckle=right hand).

i'm pretty sure that i missed out on the chapter regarding "how to dress in winter weather" too. (most of you who read this blog know how ill prepared i am for colder climes...)

case in point, i just bought a knit hat. i haven't had one since i was ooooh, about five or so. and, this is the funny part, i don't really know how to wear it. leff, the great and wonderful, keeps having to help me readjust it. and while that's really sweet and all and i really appreciate it, i can't help but feel like a total idiot.

hopefully i'll get the hang of it soon. but until then, can anybody tell me what time it is? the clock's on your, no! your left! no! your other left!


leff said...

I really don't do anything. I just move it back and forth a sec then tell you it's fixed. :D

r4kk4 said...

see, now i feel even dumber.


Nyx said...

oh maaaan, you got a freckle to help you out? You're lucky! All assistant navigators who drive with me know to say 'your way or 'my way' instead of L/R. The only trick I know is that the junction of thumb and index finger makes the letter L - but then, I forget that a lot too.

r4kk4 said...

yeah! i love that freckle! not only does it help me tell left from right, but it's also magic! (it's in the crease wrinkle where my wrist bends, so if i bend it a certain way, my freckle disappers! it keeps me amused for HOURS! hahah!)

wow! that "l" with the left hand is too complicated. i really am lucky to have a magic right hand freckle!

calvo said...

I'm busting up picturing leff faux-adjusting your hat just to mess with you.

As long as he doesn't make you get those things that clip your gloves to cuffs your coat sleeves, I think you'll be okay.

(the mittens with the yarn that runs from one sleeve to another, however, are acceptable and kinda cool)

r4kk4 said...

nah, he won't make me get those mittens that clip to my coat because i don't have a coat to clip them on to! laughing!

Groc said...

s'easy write-y hand - lefty hand (geddit)

try not to do stage left stage right'cause then your brain splodes...

r4kk4 said...

heh heh! sometimes when i can't see my freckle, i do a little writing motion and that's how i know which hand is my right!

so, you're method works, groc! hooray!

and i'm definatley NOT going to think about stage left! laughing!!