Sunday, January 02, 2005

the life aquatic with steve zissou

leff and i finally got around to seeing wes anderson's new movie, the life aquatic, today.

i'd like to say that i was blown away. that i instantly fell in love with this movie the same way that i did with both bottlerocket and rushmore. that i laughed so much that it hurt, a la the royal tennebaums. but it's just not so.

while i enjoyed the life aquatic quite a bit, i didn't adore it in the same way that i did with anderson's other films. true, there were great moments, like the accoustic portuguese renditions of david bowie songs, the wonderful, diorama-like sets that anderson is known for and bill murray in a speedo, but these three things do not my favorite movie make.

maybe i was just expecting too much. maybe with time, aquatic will grow on me.

i'm just hoping that this is the case.

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