Sunday, January 30, 2005

my pet peeve

look, uncrustables have a f-ing crust, okay?!??!??!

seriously, that crimped thing around the edge?!?! that pocket of stuff that holds in the goop kind of like a, i dunno, pie?!??! that's a crust!!!!!!! they're both a part of the same damn CRUST!!!!#@#!@


thank you, the management.


Lisa B. said...

Here's my problem with Uncrustables and the like: It's suppsed to make life simpler, right? Well what on earth is simpler that making a dang PB&J? Even the extra step of cutting the crusts off is really, really simple (and then you have bits of bread to feed the birds if you like). Futhermore, Uncrustables are way more expensive than home-made PB&Js, which ends up complicating a person's life even more. See, the more money one spends on silly "convenience" things, the more money one needs to make to keep up the convenient lifestyle and that usually entails stressful jobs and/or longer hours, which really complicate life. In turn, the stress and long hours applied to the acquisiton of more money makes one a sucker for more appeals to expensive "convenience." It's a vicious cycle. DOWN WITH UNCRUSTABLES!

Pop-Tarts are cool, though ...

r4kk4 said...

yeah!!! YEAH!!!!!

see, i KNEW i wasn't the only person that thought these things were stupid!!

i mean, there's a GRILLED CHEESE one too! wtf??!??! i mean, WTF!??!? why would i eat a preprepared GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH that i have to REAHEAT?!??!??!

and they are expensive!! just as expensive as the PEANUT BUTTER SLICES that were available a while ago. (not kidding. it came in these weird prewrapped slices like american cheese. gross. stupid. wasteful packaging. dumb. which is pretty much what i think about uncrustables too, in case you haven't noticed! ;D!)

down with uncrustables!!! long live goober grape!! (actually, no. that stuff is annoying too!)

(pop tarts are a different game altogether. i mean, who has time to make their own frosted pies? (i can't eat them though. gelatin. sigh....)

Nyx said...

you would have had a good giggle had you been witness to the time Monsieur French tried to slip a packet of pregrated carrots into the shopping caddy...Lots of full stops and capital letters (We.Have.Carrots.And.A.Grater.At.Home. GetThatThingAwayFromMe!)

teehee :p

r4kk4 said...


i can only imagine that scene!! HAHAHA!!

i sometimes get mad at myself for buying presliced mushrooms, but, you know, when they're cheaper than the whole ones, i'm not gonna' be TOO hard on myself! heh heh!