Wednesday, February 15, 2006

cranky pants and good things

i'm feeling cranky although i have no reason to. good things have been happening!

first off, i might have another print thing to tell you about sometime soon. again, no specifics yet since i don't want to get ahead of myself.

secondly, these daffodils are nice and yellow!


also, i'm nearing completion on my new crafty project. i just have to let one more layer cure and set, then a coat of gloss medium, followed by shellacing the hell out of some tiny things, adhearing said tiny things to the set layer and then finishing everything off with some more gloss varnish.

oh no, that's not much. haha! (it'll be up at etsy soon.)

wow! it's amazing how writing something so short helped me to change out of my cranky pants! (i think next year i'm going to see a doctor or a sunlamp before winter sets in. this seasonal doldrums stuff is for the birds!)

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