Friday, February 24, 2006

lectures and such

since i lived in a small town until i was old enough to get the hell out of it (i.e. 18), i'm often asked by ma famille (ok, padre) why i enjoy living in cities so much.

one word: lectures

all of you know that i like to nerd it up. (just count all of the breathless entries about the freakin' library for proof if you have any doubts.) but i don't think that i've mentioned how much i heart lectures.

because i do.

and, lucky for me, there's one tonight at the seattle academy of fine art! that's right, kirsten anderson of roq la rue fame is lecturing about pop surrealism at 7 p.m. (thanks, seattlest!)

should i mention that gerhart richter will be at the academy on april 28th? (at least i think he's going to be there. the site isn't that clear. it might just be slides of his work.)

anyway, lectures. they make me happy. and i'm glad about that because last night i was profoundly depressed when i realized that i was sitting on the floor, cutting paper hearts to make them look broken and watching a "show" that included a segment about new trash bag technology.

new. trash. bag. technology.

life seems pretty grey when you think about the person obsessed with making a better trash bag.

er, sorry. that's a depressing way to end things. here, have a photo of a kitten.

clouseau is hiding

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