Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ramble on! (*john bonham drum hysterics*)

argh! the season finale of project runway isn't tonight! tonight is some stupid reunion show, like i care what happened to heidi.

i just want this thing to be over so i can stop bitching to leff about how santino is nothing more than this season's wendy pepper with uglier clothes. because, really, it's just taking up space in my brain that i could use for other, more productive things like thinking about easter candy.

anyway, my obsession with crappy television aside, things are. let me quantify that. things are ok.

oh yeah, much more succinct.

this week i found out that carrots were only bred to be orange because of dutch patriotism. they orignally came in many colors such as these:

baby rainbow carrots

(note: i haven't eaten any yet. i'm assuming that they taste like carrots though.)

andi sent me a LOVELY package full of goodies!


i can't wait to see those dvds! (i'm headed down to the intl district for a region free dvd asap! (ok, when my tax return is, er, returned...but asap was funnier.))

speaking of easter, i don't think i've mentioned how much i *love* this time of year, have it? it's not for the xtian crap, i'm sure you've all assumed that. i reserve my hearting for the fluffy bunnies, ducks and rams like this guy


(god, that's so happy! it makes me want to punch someone because it's so happy and fluffy!)

and candy. specifically peeps.

i don't know what easter eggs i'll be making this year, but, in case you're new to rakkaworld, (putting "world" and "town" after things is tres web 3.0. try it, you'll agree.) last year's ovulation decoration included a tribute to the egg council

incredible, edible easter egg

"donnie darko" eggs

donnie darko easter eggs

(frank wears a bunny suit, remember?)

and the ever popular kiss eggs.

kiss  easter eggs

any suggestions you might have for egg decoration would be appreciated. (feel free to leave them in the comments.) i have two ideas that i'm kicking around one of which i'm pretty sure about.

oh yeah, before i forget! it's three days past my one month anniversary on etsy! thanks again to everyone that's been a patron of my shop! and another thanks to everyone for being so supportive! because i couldn't've done it without your help! (you like me, you really, really like me, etc, etc, ad infinitum.)

(more items going up either today or tomorrow. photos of items will also be here and on flickr as soon as available.)


swapatorium said...

Santino is a total ass, but without him, the show would be a bit boring. I have to root for Chloe whose shop is 5 minutes from our house, but secretly, I want Daniel to win.

r4kk4 said...

it's so true!

i wish that they'd kept nick though and let the show be a little more boring. or at least show how he and daniel interact a bit more.

eeep! have you been into chloe's shop? i really do think she rocks but, honestly? same as you, i'm rooting for daniel.

nogallogisch said...

"this week i found out that carrots were only bred to be orange because of dutch patriotism."
hihihi, i'm dutch but i never heard this, where did you learn this?
But hey there can't be enough orange in the world

r4kk4 said...

hey, nogallogisch!

i found out through the pamphlet that came with the carrots. i had my doubts about it but it was then confirmed by an acquaintence of mine who is, in fact, part dutch!

and, no! there can't be enough orange in the world! :D!