Wednesday, February 08, 2006

i'm thinking of hibernating for the rest of the winter

yesterday i was unwinding from the weekend, doing some dishes when all of a sudden *ping!* (yeah, i heard a *ping!*) my neck and left shoulder seized up and started hurting like hell.

it's probably just a delayed reaction to the stress of a pseudo-in-law visit but, COME ON! what kind of a moron hurts themselves by just standing there in front of a sink full of suds?!?

obviously, me.

next day, almost same place i'm all happy because i've got a copy of "activision anthology" which has pitfall.


"wheeeeee!" says i!

*pzzzTHUNK* says the building and out goes the electricity.

yep, it was an hour plus power outage. no traffic lights and no one walking around outside knew what was happening. sigh...

sleep is sounding good right about now. and then reading some more of the areas of my expertise.

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