Tuesday, February 07, 2006

trips, babies, possible baking, definate naps

i'm looking forward to a nap today. leff's mom just left this morning after we had breakfast at cafe mecca.


i feel like i ate a wagon full of pancakes there but it was really just a short stack.

adding to all of the hecticality (it's a new word. i just made it up.) of this weekend is the arrival of baby boy king! (as in the milk king's son. i could have also called him baby boy kat since he's katty kat's baby too. (in other words, names have been changed to protect the blahblah.))


good news arrives in a text format!

have i mentioned that t eh shed is now a father too? so, congrats all around!

i might try to make chocolate beet cupcakes today. if so, i'll post about it because it's just too weird not to. otherwise, i'll be the person alseep on the couch with an open copy of julie and julia on my head and a gin and tonic resting next to me.

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