Friday, February 10, 2006

where i write about potentially mind blowing good news and junk food

i have some potentially mind blowing news! well, mind blowing to me at least. i'm hesitant to write about it until after the fact but, well, let's just say that i might be talking to someone that works in print and leave it at that.

if/when things actually happen, i'll give you a link, rest assured.

anyway, to add to the (potentially) mind blowing news, it's been sunny in seattle for a whole freakin' week! my favorite part of this fortuitous break in the weather is that my shoes haven't gotten soaked ONCE! (a brief aside: although i've managed to purchase a coat and scarf to get me through winter/the rainy season, i've yet to buy a pair of shoes that isn't made of canvas or corduroy. when it rains, it rains through my shoes and socks and i end up with soggy feet. ew. in summation, i need new shoes.)

you know what else i do when it's sunny? i eat junk food.

hostess cup cake

i hear you. yes, i eat junk food when it's not sunny too. but i don't enjoy it as much.

k, i've got to get crackin' on studio work. i haven't done anything vaguely art related today and it's already past noon.


Lisa B. said...

If I lived in Seattle, I thin I would wear these:
or maybe these:

Lisa B. said...

That should be "think."

r4kk4 said...

you can thin shoes. ;D

i really like that first pair! i might have to invest before the winter's over. it's getting kind of old carrying a pair of flip-flops around with me.