Tuesday, February 28, 2006

have a wagon full of pancakes! it's shrove tuesday!

happy shrove/fat tuesday to all you catholics and other assorted xtians out there. or for those of you just celebrating the pancake part of shrove tuesday (hello, british folk!) or, you know, breakfast (hello, me!), happy national pancake celebration day. (it's also an ihop thing, free pancakes until 2 p.m. every shrove tuesday.)

i am having pancakes for dinner tonight but i'm not doing it because of the shrove tuesday thing. it just worked out that way. and i'm not going to ihop because i don't like the new fangled stores. i prefer the old ones with framed paint-by-number clowns on the walls.

anyway, despite all of this flapjackery, today has been kind of dull. i spent most of the morning waiting on the produce shipment to arrive. which means that i didn't get any work done and ended up watching a billion episodes of unsolved history instead. including an episode about the various plots to assassinate lincoln which i thought might have been better if i'd seen it on president's day. (come on! i'm sure abe would have thought that was funny! work with me, people!) (oh, and do click on the link for president's day. there's a recipe for "george washington cherry thumbprint cookies" at the bottom of the page.)

let's see....what else, uhm, leff's been playing sly 3 and it's really, really great. i just got super smash brothers melee, a game at which i will soundly pwn leff at. because i am the queen of fighting games at our casa.

and that has been my boring ass day. and this is a picture of luther in an ill fitting helmet.

luther goes medieval on some grass

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