Friday, March 03, 2006

boo hoo for me

this has been one of the crappiest weeks of my entire life. i won't go into details because, honestly, i don't really want to recount them. (i.e. the sooner i can forget about things, the better.) let's just say that i'm glad today is friday and leave it at that.

not everything has been crappy though. (i try *so* hard to be an optimist. i really do.) i secured a job to help defray the costs of my tooth. so that's pretty good. and i've got the second disc of mahô tsukai ni taisetsu na koto arriving today which is nice and girlie. so hooray for that.

but mainly, i'm absolutely exhausted. the house is a terrible mess with dishes piled up all over the kitchen and i'm having a hard time even making myself care. and i don't think i've eaten anything but an apple and a peanut butter sandwich in two days.

so i think i'm going to pull a clouseau (pictured below) and go take a nap. maybe i'll sleep for the next five years. ah, that sounds fantastic!

silly old clouseau!

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