Sunday, March 05, 2006

oscar sunday, sunday, sunday

happy oscar sunday, babycakes!

normally, the awards show isn't my thing ('cept for when i watched lotr sweep them a few years back! g33k pr1d3!! g33k p0w3r!! w00tw00t!) but this year i'm watching. because of jon stewart.

i heart jon stewart. i would, conceivably, ditch leff should jon stewart heart me back. (ed note: this would never happen.)

anyway, in honor of oscar sunday and ms burnt tortilla, i have taken the "who's your daddy, er, who's your perfect oscar date" quiz.

my result:

clive owen. well, at least he looks good when he's scruffy.

my other result:

angelina jolie. that makes MUCH more sense.

and now i must leave you. i have to figure out which bus i need to take in order to arrive at plastic passion. that could take a while. i'm crap at figuring out bus routes sometimes.


Anonymous said...

CLIVE OWEN!!! he is foxy.
i think my man jamie was a bit lit at the oscars.
burnt tortilla

r4kk4 said...

i think that's the ONLY way to be at the oscars! haha!

although, i heard a rumor that they got rid of the comp bar to keep people in their seats this year.