Tuesday, March 21, 2006

wishing wells would dry up

i don't think i've mentioned this but i HATE it when fictional characters get stuck in wells. it's a thing that i have. kind of like hating plots based on mistaken identities and/or most sci-fi. (i feel that it's too obvious of a metaphor, but i digress from the hatred.)

back to the wells, i haven't finished the wind up bird chronicle because the main character climbs into a well. also, in the original rescuers i despised the part when penny was lowered into the well to search for treasure.

additionally and real life-ily, i hated it when ronald reagan would say "well...". and i was quite relieved when baby jessica was rescued from the well but i wish to hell she hadn't fallen into it in the first place.

"what caused this to well up?" you might wittily ask. (oh, you're witty!) i've been reading wicked and the wicked witch's son ends up in, you guessed it, a well.


stupid fucking wells.


Lou said...

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle is, well, very welly. Really. It's good though.

r4kk4 said...

it is HELLA welly, lou! i loved it until the main character climbed down into a well and got stuck there.

the whole time i was screaming in my head "CLIMB THE FUCK OUT OF THE WELL, YOU ASSHOLE!!!!!!"

but no, he got stuck. and i threw the book across the room. literally.

it's sad, i've read alsmost all of murakami's other books and loved them. and the stupid well thing is getting in my way of enjoying one of his best works.