Monday, March 27, 2006

humming the seven dwarves "work song" might add something to this entry. try it and see.

i'm taking a quick break before i dive headfirst back into work.

i got behind on my cake for the festival this weekend. but now it's carved and crumb coated.

crumb coated

and i baked the gingerbread pieces that will accompany/become a part of it.

gingerbread pieces

the reason i fell so far behind schedule is because of a change in plans. i hadn't liked any of the sketches i had made until the one i made last night. (this happens quite frequently.) but now things are moving along at a nice clip.

i might also add that the marzipan part has been canned. some days, you just can't get marzipan to do what you want. it's like working with play-doh.

making good progress on the 8bit entry.

a sneak preview of another thing to come

yes, this is a crop from a bad cameraphone image. my regular camera is being a pain because it's dying. so i had to use my phone. please deal with this fact accordingly.

and this will have to suffice for an entry because i'm off to work again.


RSS Spirit Combine said...

love your pictures...

r4kk4 said...

thanks so much!