Tuesday, March 07, 2006

human pixel project

today i found out about the human pixel project. (thank you, craig's list.)

it's a neat idea. basically, it's a collaborative project. you are sent 10 hardboard tiles to do with as you will so long as you stay within the same color of the tile. these tiles are then sent back (a prepaid mailer is included for their return) and then used to create a larger image. kind of humanizing the pixel, as it were.

if you're interested in participating, click here and follow the directions.

i can't wait to get my tiles!

two other things: today daniel cook learned how to break dance and the new disney version of totoro is released! eeeep!


i can't wait to go to tower tonight!


PurpleSticky said...

Thanks for the link, Rakka! I can't wait to get my tiles.


r4kk4 said...


i'm so glad that you're participating! can't wait to see your work!

Pip said...


r4kk4 said...

1!!! oneone!!!