Wednesday, March 15, 2006

this week in stuff

so this week brought about two different things: 1) a new job 2) the aforementioned trip to the dentist.

the dentist was MUCH more pleasant than i could have ever imagined! (i never thought that i'd use the words "pleasant" and "dentist" in the same sentence.) all of the hygenists and the good doctor himself went out of their way to help me to not be nervous and vomit all over the place.

the good news is that for not having been to a dentist in 15 years, my teeth were really pretty clean. so flossing and hydrogen peroxide really ARE your friends!

the bad news: in addition to a crown, i'll need to have eight cavities filled and one wisdom tooth pulled. yikes! expensive! but still a lot less than i had anticipated. (although i may end up working at a starbucks part time. because starbucks has dental insurance for their employees. (i'd leave after getting my teeth fixed, of course.))

but enough about my teeth!

shadow the hedgehog (warning!! music on that site!) arrived and has already been sent back. it might play better in an arcade setting but at home it reeeeeeally got on my last nerve. particularly shadow's repetition of "damn! not here!" every stupid time he died.

ugh. how 90's.

i blew most of my tax return on a new bag, "my neighbor totoro", the "street fighter" pinky street figures and other assorted crap.

oh no, totoro!

it wasn't a very big tax return. i'm sure you've deduced that.

also ate many fruits in ms pac man.

ms pac man

(i had to hand the game over to leff. my stupid busted finger started tingling too much to continue playing. *sigh*)

and i guess that's it. i'm even more exhausted than normal so don't expect too much here for the next little bit. well, at least until around april 1st when i'll probably post about the edible book show.


michael said...

Good news aboiut your toofs. I had to ring the dentist today to make another appointent for Archie. He's got this patched up front tooth he broke whilst throwing pebbles at a sea wall in Guernsey on holiday about three years ago. It falls out at regular intevals which is really annoying for him and us. Luckliy it doesnt cost anythin g for kids over here.

r4kk4 said...

ah no!! poor archie!

see, that's just another reason to move to the u.k.! (i know i'm too old for the free dental care and all, but, well, any excuse to leave the states, really. ;D)